Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holiday's and Goodbye 2011.

Well It's been one hell of a year, and I have overcome a lot.
A lot of fears, and obstacles.

I learned I am a strong person, I learned I can drive highways, off roads and into other states.... and survive. I learned how to be a better person, and I learned God hears me.

I was baptized Aug 21st, and since then....things are happening as I had hoped.

I have had a rough year,
but thanks to my folks, and some great didn't kill me.
Patience... that's been my toughest obstacle.

I made some great new friends. I joined 3 great Facebook groups, one of which meets face to face every month.

Through this group I have met:
Try S, Brian B, Katy P, Paula M, Tom R, Brian L, Tony R, Steve and Nanci C. and more....
and I look forward to seeing them each month.... and for some, more than once a month. I get a new challenge each month, which sends me out on more adventures.

I have entered several photo contests this year, and won.
I have been successful w/ some sales of my dried flower window necklaces.

I joined a gym, and actually like it. I don't (however) like the 7am wake up. But 13LBs lost in 10 weeks aint to shabby.

I want to THANK YOU all who read, followed, and commented on my Blogs, It was exciting to know you enjoyed it. I will be back in spring when I get a more reliable vehicle and can head out further. I had a spectacular year of adventures, w/ some excitement.. i.e - tornadoes, lightning zaps, rainbows.. etc.

Leaving you w/ a couple fun photos of  "puppy" of  Getting lost w/ a .... puppy, he enjoyed my adventures also, and will join me again in 2012.

Happy New Year to all,  
Sayonara 2011! Hello 2012!

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