Friday, March 16, 2012

Back on the road again....

Well hello Spring, I have missed you!

It's been up in the 60's and 70's this week, so I had cabin fever... brushed off the camera, found the dog leash and water bowl, and decided to go take a drive. The plan was Woodland Park..... That's it, nowhere else....

Yeah Right!

Started out in Woodland Park, looking for a geocache in a series of "Colorado Spirit Quest"
Cemetery hides, cool, but spooky.
Puppy was making too much noise and a few people were starting to glance my way... so I decided to give up the search...and I believe I was sooo close too. Another day!

Ok, Now where????

The drive down Rte 67 is nice... in the direction of the Hayman Fire scar, towards Decker's.

This Forest fire location is 35 miles northwest of Colorado Springs.
The date was June 8, 2002, and this became the largest fire in the state's recorded history.

It caused nearly $40 million in firefighting costs, burned 133 homes and forced the evacuation of 
5,340 people.
The fire wasn't contained until July 2, 2002 and was finally brought under control on July 18, 2002.   The cause of the wildfire was found to be arson.

This road also follows along a mountain river, w/ waterfalls.

Ahhhh so serene!

 Now I am in Decker's - Population unknown.
Decker's is an unincorporated town along the South Platte River in Douglas County, Colorado.
 There is a small plaza w/ a country store, cafe, bait shop and a place to buy alcoholic drinks... what more could you want I guess. LOL

Grabbed some snacks... and shared em w/ puppy.  
Ok, should I keep exploring? 
Why not?

This road I am on goes on and on, up in elevation, but the views are amazing!

I get to this little place called Ferndale..... it's like they don't want visitors......

 (click photos to make larger)

Don't Make Eye Contact with the Locals
heh heh

Guy fly-fishing in another small place called Buffalo Creek, he caught me shooting this photo, so I took off.

No Vacancy? Darn!

Maybe I'll move in here instead.....

Ok, now I am in a town called Foxton.... I am seriously lost!

I follow the road around and in and out of the mountains.

I finally stop and look at a map.... Yes I said it... a MAP! I am running low on fuel, so I can't afford to be wrong. I also ask some fisherman if I am on my way back.. Thank You, I am!!!

Back into the Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods area... and a couple more photos...

I love the Golden Hour!

150+ miles, 8 hours and a 1/2 tank of gas,
but It's the start of the Phlog 2012 Spring season!

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