Sunday, May 22, 2011

Storm's a brewin...take cover....

That's for everyone else... but not me.

I, of course, love nature. I decide to head out.
Puppy stayed home today, wanted some "me" time for a change. Sorry Scamp.

Decided to try a road I pass a lot in Black Forest, CO called Mustang Rd. Sounds old west like, ya think?

It's a small little area of cross streets, nothing to get "lost" in. But it's got potential.

One area had both of these shots on one lot....

I want more...
Off to explore on Black Forest Rd.

These are across the street from each other... woohoo!!!
Feeling like a cowgirl...???

Look's like this windmill hasn't weathered as many storms.

Here's the storm that I mentioned, rolling in quickly.

Getting kinda scary, but that never stopped me before.. I find a little dead end dirt road called Old Ranch Rd.

Well..... Hello There!

Well, a short trip, but amazing results... join me on Saturday as I head to Mueller State Park on Rte 67.... Should be great!

Happy Memorial Day, remember our deployed troops, and those who served, and lost their lives for our freedom.

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