Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roads? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads...... ok, so maybe we do....

Weather outside was not looking so great, but when has that stopped me from getting lost....right?

Oh...... SCAMP..........heh heh

Took off w/ The Nikon for Falcon, CO. I have very good friends who live there, so If I got bored, I could give them a call to go play w/ their newest puppy, Sampson... a Mastiff. (did I spell that right?)

Went down some cool roads, like a roller coaster, and saw a lot of farms, and goats, and cows. MOO

Looked at Gas indicator....hmm, running a bit low... but I am in Dorothy's and Toto's land... nothing but farms everywhere. Shall I keep going, or play it safe and turn around.... I think we all know the answer to that....

"Calhan City Limits - Elevation 6891 ft - Population - not too many! "!!

Ok, so I am here in a remote lil area, ONE gas station (Thank Heavens!), ONE road, ONE Goofy antique shop that resembles all of Cape Cod, and tons of hole in the wall eatery's!

This is what stands near the previously mentioned goofy antique shop... these are all around, and could swallow Scamp whole in its beak. Its huge.

So.. now what, I saw the entire town in 2 minutes.... Where to now Scarecrow?

Back on Rte 24, and away from where I came. I see a cool Water tower.... That'll do!

"RAMAH"     .... (the tiger pet to Jasmine and Aladdin?)

What?  ;P

I turn down the road to get a closeup of this tower, and turns out this little area is 50% abandoned buildings... where did the township go???? Noone stays put anymore... but an entire community up and leaves?....weird.

Got some cool shots....

and lots of rusted antique vehicles all around the streets.

I liked this one the best....

Ok, so now its getting even colder, and Whinoceros is bugging me... time to return home... I've had enough.

Thanks for coming along today... see ya next weekend......We head to the mountains again.....

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