Friday, April 29, 2011

Way away.....

So I needed to escape a while... so I grabbed the pup, and the camera... swapped for the Kia... and took off for places unknown... to me anyways.

Looking pretty cloudy, a bit chilly too. That isn't enough to make me turn around.

2PM: Hit the road... got onto Rte 24, and made it to Wilkerson's Pass...

Long drive... but ahhhh so serene.
Got to Hartsel and looked for Buffalo, nada this trip. Last time we came here w/ our friends from Rhode Island there were Buffalo everywhere.

Fairplay... I found it. Not that it was difficult.
It's kinda crappy weather but the brief sun peeks through... won't be staying long me thinks.

South Park City
Recreated old town.

This attraction isn't open until Memorial Day, but I was able to capture this for you all by looking over the gate.

Drove down the side road to take these shots....
Sign...on top of the little local........

Hand Hotel.
Hmmmm Wonder what goes on in said hotel... how many singles....uh..nevermind. LOL

Cute little Country church next to S.P.City.

Starting to snow... so I head back.. and Whinoceros is now hopping like a bunny too.

BUT.. U-ey time to get these shots.......

All made from scrap metal... at some private property posted entryway... guess these enforce that request.

Back home again in 4.5 hours.. and not too much gas used..... Cool.

See ya for my next adventure.


  1. You've inspired me... Gonna take a day this summer and just drive all day and take pix! Sounds like you could lose yourself (figuratively and literally) Not takin my pup tho - he hoarks in the car! :oP

  2. hoarks??? OMG I am cracking up.... never hear that expression before....

  3. I wish I COULD lose myself most days...