Sunday, June 26, 2011

The pair of green pants... w/ nobody inside em.....

Wonderful weekend!!!!! I volunteered at NLC helping pack food for orphans. What a Great Feeling! 1,720 were helped just at my small table.

Next day I saw Ross Parsley as the guest speaker while our pastor is recovering from surgery. Ahhhh, I could listen to him all day.

Dinner at my parents.... BBQ chicken and grilled potatoes in a pouch. Mmmmm

Too bad it was 97 degrees, so I didn't feel like going home....time to go get lost me thinks! Puppy was doing his own thing at Garden of the Gods.... so its Me, Myself and I this trip!

Started in Rockrimmon.... Boring, Then Blodgett Peak... no wildlife out yet, Hmmm where to???

Down to Black Forest area (yes again) but towards Peyton......

Welcome to Elbert!

Then I went down a few side streets in  Black Forest and found him... he was camera shy:

I returned home and before I got home... I found a realistic version of my favorite Dr. Seuss story "What was I afraid of." in the Book "Sneetches and Other Stories..."

Just Plain Weird....don't ya think??????
(This homeowner stiffened a couple pairs of Army pants... and "posted" them outside)

 Thanks for riding shotgun... see ya next week!

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