Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1,000 Feet of Ahhhhhh's

So I won tickets on My 99.9 radio to go to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, and also bought some a year ago to show my daughter's friend back in Massachusetts, but she ended up leaving Colorado 3 days too early.

I had a total of 8 Tickets, gave 5 to my sister and 2 to my friends Holly and Ron. My folks also had 2, and Holly and Ron had 2 from earlier... That's uh... 8 - 5 - 2......and another 2, + 2....... = uh, well.... too Many!!!!

2 days and no heat wave, we decided that.... 
My folks, 4 friend's and I were going to Canon City (pronounced Canyon).

Here are the Park attractions.....

Incline R.R.
 Mom and I rode the Blue car down, kinda tight squeeze, 
and not a lot of viewing w/ tall people in front of you.
To the bottom here is where the Incline R.R. takes you....

The Sky Coaster....
1 to 3 People
+  who knows how high you get pulled up =

 The Tram

It goes right across the 1,000' Gorge
Below is the Arkansas River and Royal Gorge Route R.R

 Water Clock...@  Main Gate.

Highest Suspension Bridge in the...World!
  Drive your car, walk, take a trolley, or golf cart across.
Ron and Holly on the Trolley.

There was a cute 1 mile long mini train ride outside the main gate, my mom, dad and I took a ride to kill 10 minutes...

They think they are funny w/ the "scenery"

Looking Down from Tram.

They also had a Petting Zoo....

and a Carousel...Weeeee!
Ron and Holly!


I am sooo wiped! Time to hit the hay... till next time, thanks for joining us!

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