Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Day for a train! Best Day Trip Ever!!!!

So, Next week is my Birthday... ughh 37! At least I am not turning 40 - YET!
My Folks wanted to treat me this week to a day up in Georgetown,CO. There is a cool silver town and train that loops around it.
Started out at 7am.... and got there about 9am-ish. Time to kill before the train departs... so we drive around.

 Great old Silver Plume Jail - Up Close of the door and sign, and the whole building.

Old Mine relic (sluice I think) - next to I-70 in front of the train station in Silver Plume.

  and this is cool... an old Mercantile Window....
 and lots of old dated buildings and houses.

So, we got on the train.. 10 am... all the way towards the back of the train, under a small covered car....

so I could take shots like this....
 and This!

Saw lots of waterfalls and river sides...
 and took these shots when we stopped at the Georgetown Devils Gate depot.
The Train engine was now in front of where we were.

Awesome Trip!

Now, Mom and I were starving, so we went into Georgetown to eat at a German place called THE EURO.
All German and Greek food...almost.
Mom had a Greek salad, and a very good big hotdog and fries.
Dad and I both ordered a burger and fries... and we sat creek side, ahhhhhhh!
I was soo stuffed.. best lil diner ever!
Drove around this cute lil town.
Next, Mom surprised me when she asked my dad to take us through the Eisenhower Tunnel. I have a thing about tunnels through Mountains....
and when we exited... this greeted us.....

I'd hate to use this in an emergency.......
40 degree angle approx. No Joke!

Now, we either could back track the way we came.....
OR... Go through Breckenridge, CO - Skier's Heaven....

Breckenridge! YES!

First had to head through Dillon, CO

Then into...
The Most Gorgeous Town I have ever been in!

 Ski lift gondola that actually goes OVER the highway!!

Then into Alma via the Hoosier Pass
 Mom at the summit of Hoosier Pass...


These were random in little town Alma, CO
Creepy House... and.....
Creepy Face in window of above photo of Creepy House!

Home by 5pm, after a pee break in Wilkerson's Pass Visitor Center, and a 20-25 minute stand still on Rte 67 when a horrific motorcycle accident occurred.. 2- 4 mile backups in either direction. We unfortunately had a front row view of the paramedics and crews working on the victim. Hope he's ok.....

Thanks to my Parent's for a Perfect day!!!!

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