Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where the deer and the antelope play.....

Well, Hello there!

I decided to make a long trek out to Simla, CO today.
No definite plan on what to do, just winging it.

I packed a backpack with my geocaching tools - pen, list, GPSr, and swag (stupid useless stuff to leave in a regular cache.)  Puppy stayed home today, so at 11am-ish I headed out.

Snagged a couple geocaches first... (Geocache - A treasure hunt using a GPS, satellites and coordinate's from a website to find Tupperware or ammo boxes and even film canister's w/ log books to sign)
Sample of what a Geocache looks like

Calhan, CO
I decided to stop here and visit the "Cadillac Jack" antique shop.... Mama Mia this building is huge and filled w/ the weird and Unusual! PERFECT! The owner was so nice, and talkative!
Stayed about 30 minutes, and got too hot.... so back into my car w/ A/C blasting.

I loved this lil guy, he tried to race me in my car... I  just barely beat him.

X- Marks the Spot?
Can I get some privacy...I got's an Itch!

I did a Geocache in this motel of little log cabin's. The property owner knows about it. She greeted me as I pulled up to her office. I showed her how a Travel Bug works (little trinket that has a dog tag attached by a chain, Tag has a tracking number on it, where as you can see where the item has traveled, like a "Where's George $1 bill). We also talked about her book, my blog, and New England... she was soo sweet! If it hadn't been 97 degrees w/ no shade, I'd have stayed longer.
Snagged 2 caches while here, one of them in a cemetery (Colorado Spirit Quest series.)
This was on some guy's property...

Matheson, CO
I Stopped to photograph this -
 and this.

Decided to keep going to Limon, and got another few geocaches. I called my mom after a quick snack - Water, and Twinkie's! Ok, sugar level replenished. She mentioned a Train depot and museum... COOL!

Took me a while to actually find it, and had a malfunction w/ my camera.

I did salvage a few shots....

 I stayed long enough to sit at a R.R. Crossing and watch a mile long train pass and then a few more shots along the way. I also placed a geocache in Calhan at a Cemetery.

Time to head home....... BUT......

A cool storm came through Fountain, so I chased it.....

Pretty sweet! It was a Full bowed Rainbow, and I went all the way through it... like a Gate....

9 Hours later, and nausea's from the heat... I am home. I am just about out of ideas of day-trips, feel free to make a suggestion... Bear in mind I have an old car... a 97 Tracer that is not able to trek too far. 

No 4x4 in it either....Only mild paved and smooth unpaved roads allowed. Til Next time.. Thanks for reading!

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