Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fairplay? It's snowing, No Fair!

I had a hunch at 6am I better check the weather on my mobile web... hmmm cloudy in Colorado Springs... ok, how bout Fairplay? Snow... and more snow.

Great :( .... what about the weather channel..... 10-20" of snow and mixed stuff. ARGHHHH

Night night...I am sleepin' in!

I did nothin' today except get some grocery's and watch some TV. I am falling asleep.

What's that outside? DO I SEE THE SUN????? Come'n Whinoceros...a.k.a Scamp.....

I head back to get that Bison shot from the previous "short trip"... still no luck...
ok, so I find a side road..... Hmmm

well looky here:
This is promising!

Ok, time to see how lost I can get now.. I am off 83N, on CO RD 82 aka E.Lorraine Rd. now...

Do I need to pee?  not that bad......

This is Spring Valley Church
It's amazing how much history is in Colorado..
abandoned proof of Gold prospecting, exploration... and land claim staking.
Water? Not a drop to drink.

I drove a bit more until I saw the clouds rolling in, and Scamp's hopping from seat to seat, 
time to head home...

The road to nowhere?

Maybe next week we'll make it to Fairplay... Spring has to stay put sooner or later. 

   Night all!


  1. That's where I wanna live... On the other side of that big old gate where no one can bother me...
    Nice outhouse, too, btw! :oP


  2. Thanks, inspiration from a goofy lady I know....