Friday, April 15, 2011

Got lost for the second time in 10 days...

 Decided to Get lost again, seeing as I am so good at it. This time I had a destination...or so I thought. heh heh
I drove out to Black Forest and Got on Black Forest Rd to Vollmer. This is a scenic windy road, a place I taught my daughter how to drive (55mph no doubt). Well usually its a short drive back once I get back on Black Forest Rd... Usually.

Black Forest Rd is under construction, so there are detours. I am not used to following detours as I lived in a small country town in Massachusetts. If I saw a detour.. I'd try a different way home there. Hmmm so you'd like to think that's the case here. Not so! Ya know?
I followed the posted DETOUR... where it led me... as it was mocking me. I went down another dirt road.. pretty beat up from bad winters.. (aforementioned construction was not apparent here, for good reason.. only farmers and ranchers w/ BIG trucks and Tractors travel these roads). My poor car really hates me now...
I am foreseeing an S.U.V as my next vehicle me thinks.

I some how ended up on County Line Rd. CUTE! Its paved, smooth, headed in a straight line. Perfect!
My only problem.. I never seem to know when to turn around... and GO HOME. I like finding picture opportunities. I was in luck.

I found deer, watering holes, old wagons, old barns...... I like old things can ya tell?
I kept going, going, going.

"WELCOME TO PALMER LAKE" (insert David Spade high pitched "whaah?" here)

Ok, a quick call to my dad to figure out how I should get home, and I was now driving back to where I am used to. I hit Rte 105, and all sorts of neat roads... especially Roller Coaster RD.

Saw a cool "castle" that the owners have hidden off the road... and I tried to park in the center of the road to photograph... 2 seconds later as I pull into the driveway of the Castle... a car came whipping by me... I could have been creamed if I'd had lingered too long... Dumb move on my part.
Back to where I started.....
Oh... and said detour took me onto ANOTHER detour... stupid towns.

Another picture......

                                                            and I was home. What a drive!

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