Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Got lost for the first time...

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This house just seemed like it belonged in the Final scene of Twister (w/ Helen Hunt / Bill Paxton).... No? 

Drove out to Ellicott...not intentionally. I am good at getting far from home. I am also good at slamming on my breaks, backing up or pulling a U-ey** to get a photo of something. This adobe "mansion" was off Rte 94 a bit, on a grooved dirt road that just about killed my car... my teeth were still chattering when I came home.
 My ideal road trip is a golden hour sunset, and windows down w/ temps at 70... and my CD's blasting so I can sing along... not as pretty as it sounds (no pun intended!)

**a U-ey is the New England slang term for a U-turn.

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