Friday, April 22, 2011

Short trip.....

Ok, so I don't plan well... in maps, supplies, or timing.
I left to go "explore" at 6pm tonight.  I had a destination, and I had a puppy... that's all I brought.

I drove up 83N towards Franktown... I had been there before. Its about a 45min - 1 hour trip, not too bad.

I actually saw some Bison... but the road 83 is a high speed road.. 65MPH so not too easy to stop. I said to myself, "Self... come back for this shot later tonight". Yeah right.

I hit Franktown.. and then drove around the area.. no inspiration... only a whiny pup.
I did see a cool barn and Silo but no good angle to get a long zoom shot. Oh well. I came around and headed back and drove by this cool State Park which was closed.. but I did stop on the bridge and capture this shot:

 and a close up of Mr. Ed a ways down the road....

which annoyed Scamp (whiny puppy)..immensely!

Home to bed.. tomorrow's another day... FAIRPLAY, CO!


  1. All you took was a puppy?!? Was "Lassie" supposed to go for help if you ended up in a ditch somewhere, all alone?? You take beautiful pictures, my friend. What kinda camera do you use? Pet the pooch for me!
    Luv ya!

  2. I have a Nikon D50 w/ a 300MM zoom lens, I also use an HDR program to enhance some of these.
    Puppy is actually a 2.5yr old Cocker Spaniel named Scamp. I call him puppy.

    Thanks for the compliments, they mean a lot!

  3. B.T.W... don't I know you from somewhere???? ;) heh heh

  4. Me? Nope, I'm just some random stranger...
    Nikon? Showoff! all I have is a digi camera and it isn't that good.

  5. hmmmm, seems I've seen you w/ that wild hair-do and toothy smile before.... in a social network site.... I never forget a "face". lol